About Us


IGBOLINGO LLC is a black-owned family business that aims to make it easy and cool to learn the Igbo Language. We are passionate about promoting the Igbo culture and uniting people through language. We believe that language is an important facet of human identity and as children of the Igbo tribe, we cannot allow our language to be lost in our generation.

We understand that many Nigerian Americans are not fluent in their native tongue and the average person is unable to carve out the months and years it may take to become fluent. This is why we created flashcards to allow for learners to go at their own pace without the shame or anxiety that practicing in a classroom setting may bring.

What sets us apart is our unique position as millennial first generation Nigerian-born immigrants. We are able to bridge the gap between the older generation, most of who did not emphasize the importance of learning our language, and the younger generation who are desperate to reconnect with their roots. 

Because we studied Igbo linguistics in the South East region of Nigeria, we understand and value the phonetics/phonology, syntax and orthography of the language and our aim is to share our knowledge in fun and digestible formats.

Igbo Flashcards is the first of many Igbo projects in the pipeline. We hope you will join us on this journey as you enjoy using and learning from the cards as much as we enjoyed making them! 

Igbo Kwenu!