Meet Our Team

Yoruba Division

Meet Àbíkẹ́ Ṣówẹ̀mímọ́, the lead behind our Yorùbá Division, dedicated to cherishing and sharing the diverse richness of Yorùbá culture.

As a Nigerian American, Àbíkẹ́ passionately believes that culture forms the bedrock for the generations to come. Her dedication stems from the profound understanding that history and traditions are not only artifacts but the lifeblood of our community.

Maintaining the vitality of the Yorùbá language and culture, especially in the diaspora, is paramount. Àbíkẹ́ is driven by the conviction that neglecting our cultural practices poses a risk of losing a part of our identity. It's more than just language; it's about preserving our values, stories, and ways of life.

Central to our approach is the meticulous attention we pay to the nuances of teaching the Yorùbá language. We recognize the significance of proper grammar, spelling, and intonation, especially in a tonal language like Yorùbá. Our Yorùbá Flashcards serve as a bridge, empowering individuals in the diaspora to reconnect with their roots and language.

What truly sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to ensuring the authentic preservation of the Yorùbá language and culture. Our focus extends beyond just teaching; it encompasses a heartfelt dedication to nurturing literacy within the Yorùbá community. We strive to instill a deep appreciation and understanding, ensuring that all learners embrace the beauty and significance of the Yorùbá culture.

Join us in this journey of rediscovery, as we not only learn but also safeguard and honor the depth of Yorùbá culture. Let's work together to uphold our traditions for the generations to come.

Twi Division

Twi Flashcards are brought to you by the collaboration of two Ghanaian born siblings who are dedicated to showcasing the captivating essence of Ghana worldwide and connecting the threads of culture within the black diaspora. Meet Bryan and Jessica Sackey! Through language, the Sackey siblings present an opportunity for anyone of any background to authentically immerse themselves within the Ghanaian culture.

Over the recent years, the country of Ghana has embraced the concept of “All Are Welcome” which was further embodied by the efforts of 2019 officially dubbed “The Year of The Return”. This was a powerful motion by the country to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the first recorded enslaved Africans in the United States. Though this was a perceivably grim moment in our history, the effort of this movement was rather to retrace this critical moment and empower individuals of the black diaspora to return and embrace the roots of where they originate from. 

This is the same vision held by the Sackey siblings through these flashcards. In alignment with what the country has dedicated its efforts to, Bryan and Jessica endeavor to provide anyone of any background an authentic entryway into the culture. It becomes much more than simply learning words on a flashcard, but rather the intricacies that goes into the pronunciation of these terms and the historical context behind the language. They believe that these are some of the components that subconsciously connects any individual to the culture as they embark on the journey to “Return to their Roots”

Inspired by the efforts of IGBOLINGO, the Sackey siblings were eager to create the Twi counterpart to this language learning franchise. This provides an opportunity to preserve the essence of the language as well as connect Ghanaians of various generations who may not have had the appropriate language transfer. Furthermore, as African culture continues to be celebrated worldwide these flashcards were crafted to allow individuals of all ages to interact and engage with one another in a fun and easy way.  Be sure to follow along on our social media outlets (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter/X) to gain a full immersive experience of what the Twi Flashcards encompass. Akwaaba!